Stickin’ it to the land

August 16, 2009

Rachel and I biked to the Walnut Creek wetland preserve. Preserved, yes, and inside the beltline! It was like finding the one grape that isn’t mouldy yet.

The Greenway runs past the wetlands, and the designated preservation about leaves some drastic age lines around it where all of a sudden someone schisms against Our Lady of Immaculate Environment and soaks their acne-ridden face in the water, popping pustules with their friends is an oily orgasm of gluttonous expulsion. Oh yeah, and they’re recycling tires into brand new synthetic habitat!

But the wetlands themselves are inaccessable to the layman, which is most of us, and the dense growth and weird smells of life and decay deter people from making “drinking rooms” or “DIY dumps” out of an untouched piece of land. I stayed on the greenway; I wouldn’t feel right intruding.

IMG_1278IMG_1281IMG_1288Portrait of a duck:




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