For Cody, by Cody

September 28, 2009

(words by Cody Moran, picture by me)

Sitting watching waiting for the time to come

Are these not the moments waited for

How is it that you’re still here

How is it that you are still not there 

Walking the walk got you tired

Talking the talk got you bored

And talking far too long

Late at night while the beer and wine flowed 

The later the night I am long in the heart

The long and the late have got me now

They know and they knew what I needed

They know all I need is you and lord what they’ll do 

Wait in the dark looking desperate and one

Wait wait in the dark at the stares from the sky

Watch wait aided by those that you want to fight

Flailing and gotten now how so how 

Knotted and worried again gained so

Lot and locket lost for yours and then

How do you get off given all and gottenless

Turned in and turned out left soaked and lettering

Of into space gathered by and bye 



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