Point-Source Pollution

October 10, 2009


Fox’s pursuit of rabbit through

thick forests. Porous air.

Limbs make a loose weave, brown and white

oil colors mixed, blending indistinguishable.



movements quick, improvised

and never-ending it seems.

Earthly, hugry and timed.


Perpetual early morning dews and mists,

so frosty and ignorable.

Like looking with suffering eyes, describing silent seas.

Occasionally, with myriad nuance,

(there is reason, always, be it snow or sloth, or godlessness)

there is a little blood.

It can be ugly, vital,

painful or saetiating.


Fox popped intent a nib.

Got ’em good a-cross his ribs.

Intent limps, and heals and breeds.

Becomes the wind between the leaves.

untitled (2)


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