The entire treaty of everything else

November 18, 2009


too many whispers,

dull drone.

letter litter, write nasty

forgotten poems.

at least lusty, rubber-backed hand-me-downs

will keep the room aglow,

and like a silent orchestration,

delightfully morose.


I remember when I said:

I remembered when I said:


down dirty city tricks,

picked dry and prickly.

push and bowed to learn how’s how

from who’s who and now, NOW.

oh good news to please tell me I ain’t

to dine endlessly from porcupine plates,

now, while I remember the things I forgot,

I shiver the cold complex polygraph shakes.



 Sensational bird-lady, chimera exquis-ite,

the trees are now pillars, the leaves are concrete!

It frightens me so, to look up at the sky,

and not see the day but just days gone by.


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