Take me to where the opine grows, with thickets full of mucking crows

please: andrewbmayo@gmail.com


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Denisa said

    hey honey boney…hehe

    your blog is great and made my day! Please be safe out there! and keep us updated. Maybe you can fill me in on what happend with you and the gal…


  2. mike woodyard said

    hey how did it go today? make it to little rock?
    enjoyed having here last night hope you have a safe trip. mike

  3. genice jones said

    so proud you put the pictures of the kids at the PIG on your website. They were so amazed by your adventure. We all had regrets after you left wishing we had done something for you. Hope you have a safe trip.

    • andrew said

      You guys really made that day fantastic. They were all so enthusiastic and inquisitive. What makes this ride special for me is when people ask questions, when they want to know how and why. It really made me feel welcome!

  4. holly and justin from pig!! said

    hey andrew!!!we hope your journey is going well and we are so amazed at how dedicated you are to this trip. we would like to know what your address is so we can send you a piggly wiggly shirt!!may god bless you in all your endeavors and good luck on your trip!!

    your friends at the Iuka Piggly Wiggly!:)

    • andrew said

      You could send it to:
      8408 Morgans Way
      Raleigh, NC 27613
      I will wear it with pride. I’m stickin’ with the pig!

  5. Kelly Maloit said

    Hi Andrew:
    I’m a friend of your dad’s from Ixia out in California. He’s been keeping some of us posted on your adventure. I know he had you covered with friends and family on the East Coast. Consider me your source of information and helpful hands from here on out. Done Rte 66 plenty of times in my youth–you know the story: 4 kids crammed in the back of a station wagon heading from CA to KS every few years.Your dad will tell you that I’ve offered to find placed to stay or bail you out, but I wanted you to hear it directly from me. We here at Ixia CA office are all pulling for you. Good luck!

  6. Dave Piper said

    Hi Andrew,
    I am Megan’s uncle in Austin. I very much enjoyed reading your captivating and entertaining account of Albuquerque. I think you have the writing gift.

    Dave Piper

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